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If you live in the small town of delta you must known that Stanley’s is the Best and only place to get pho. I haven’t ordered anything there that is bad, to me its always good. From what i hear the restaurant has been around for 50 years and yet it still stands here today serving great pho and other foods that are literally to die for

- By Food knowleage of Vancouer





Noodles tangling around every component unguarded. Meat simmering beneath a mixture of mouth-watering broth. Fresh herbs floating about. Squeezes of lime perking up the flavor of all ingredients. A bowl of Pho Stanley Restaurant has to be just right

Delicious Pho Stanley Restaurant can be delicate or rich-tasting, spicy or subtle. Its success lies in a balance of well-made broth, noodles, beef and accents. It has to steam up against your glasses to ensure just the right temperature at the right time.

All the components are artfully arranged with bright chopped cilantro and scallions scattering on top. A separate plate filled with a grand variety of fresh basil, bean sprouts, slices of jalapeno, and a wedge or two of lime. Sriracha, hoisin and other sauces on the table are for personalizing your own broth or for dipping the meat. img